Hashemian: Algeria is one of the strongest teams in Africa

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We could not play many friendly games

The coach of the Iranian national football team said: “We could not play many friendly games in this FIFA, but I hope in the next FIFA we will play with teams that are similar to our opponents in the World Cup.”

According to Varzesh Seh, quoting Fars, Vahid Hashemian stated about the latest situation of the Iranian national football team in the Doha Qatar training camp: “Our camp has started a few days ago.” Unfortunately, for non-sporting reasons, the national team could not travel to Canada and play with this team. It is normal for the players to be physically and mentally tired after the end of the season, but fortunately they have been very motivated and trained very well in the last few days.

He added: “Skocic and the staff were also able to review the tactical work and the goals they have in the future to do to some extent in this camp.” Unfortunately, we could not play many friendly matches in Fifadi, but tomorrow we will face the good Algerian team. This team is always one of the strongest African teams with good players. We have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Algeria; Of course, 3-2 players are not on this team, just as we do not have some players with us due to injuries and other issues.

The coach of our national football team said: I hope tomorrow’s game will be fruitful and technical for us so that we can get more acquainted with our strengths and weaknesses while achieving results. I hope that in the next camp, which is the last stage of our preparation before the World Cup, we will be able to have very good opponents who are similar to our groups in the World Cup. Finally, I wish the people of Iran everywhere in the world good health, happiness and very good days.


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