Global coverage of the news of Mahsa Amini’s death; Khamenei’s statements about the death of George Floyd and his current silence

The death of Mehsa Amini, a young woman who went into a coma under the custody of the moral security police in the ministerial detention center in Tehran and died in the hospital, was widely reflected in the international media, and several media outlets have reminded Ali Khamenei’s stance regarding the death of George Floyd.

Reuters news agency pointed to the claim of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio and Television that Mehsa Amini suffered a heart attack after being transferred to the “Persuasion and Education” center and wrote: This is despite her relatives denying that Mrs. Amini had a heart disease.

Reuters also reminded the position of Ali Khamenei, who said in 2020 that “the death of George Floyd in police custody exposed the true nature of the American rulers”, pointed to the tweet of Mahmoud Sadeghi, a former member of the Islamic Council, who asked the leader of the Islamic Republic about the police’s treatment. What does Iran say to Mahsa Amini?

Jerusalem Post also pointed out that the protests of Iranians were sparked on social media after Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Moral Security Police and she fell into a coma under arrest.

Recalling the spread of opposition to the mandatory hijab in Iran in the past few months, this Israeli media stated that the videos published on social networks show cases of “severe action” by moral police units against women who have removed their hijab.

Bloomberg also pointed to Ibrahim Raisi’s order to investigate Mehsa Amini’s coma and death while in custody and wrote: “The police said he had a heart attack.”

This media quoted the state-run news agency IRNA and wrote that Raishi asked Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi to “investigate the cause of this incident with urgency and special attention.”

The Guardian newspaper also stated that this 22-year-old woman died after being arrested by the Irshad patrol on the charge of “non-observance of hijab” and wrote: “Witnesses have reported that Amini was beaten in a police van, an allegation that the police rejects

The Guardian also referred to Ebrahim Raisi’s order a few weeks ago, which “requested stricter implementation of the mandatory hijab law in Iran.”

France 24 news agency, quoting Iran’s “state media”, published the news of Mahsa Amini’s death and wrote that her body has been taken to the forensic path.

In this report, referring to the statement of the police command on Thursday and confirming her arrest “along with other women for law training”, it is stated: “The death of Mehsa Amini took place in the midst of increasing controversies inside and outside of Iran over the performance of the guidance patrol. »

In a report on Mehsa Amini’s death under police custody, Al-Arabiya website wrote that this incident has provoked public anger on social networks, both inside and outside of Iran.

It is emphasized in this report: “Hijab, which became mandatory for women shortly after the 1957 revolution in Iran, is considered a red line for Iran’s theocratic rulers, and women who violate the strict rules of hijab are at risk of harassment and arrest by the police. They are Iran’s morals.”

Mehsa Amini, 22, from Saqqez, who had traveled to Tehran with her family, was arrested on 22 Shahrivar by Gesht Irshad and was taken to the “Moral Security Police” detention center on Vezara Street, and a few hours later, she was taken to Kasri Hospital by ambulance.

Ms. Amini spent three days in a coma and died in the hospital on Friday, 25 September.

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