Former Bolivian President Jeanine Añez has been sentenced to 10 years in prison – UE News

Ms. Aniz stepped forward and promised to be just an interim president and hold new elections in which she will not run. But almost immediately, he began to transform Bolivia’s foreign policy. A conservative Christian, he introduced religious symbols into secular government practices and launched a campaign against Mr. Morales’s left-wing supporters, who had emphasized the importance of indigenous culture during his 14 years in office.

His government later accused Mr Morales of sedition and terrorism, although international human rights groups said there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations and called the case against him politically motivated.

Ms. Aniz’s defense team insists she must step in to fill the power vacuum in 2019, but Mr Morales’s supporters called. Dismissal A “coup”

In her final testimony on Friday, Ms. Aniz reiterated their arguments, telling judges that she was innocent and that her rise to power was “the result of all that happened” two years ago.

“I did not move a finger to reach the presidency,” Ms. Aniz said.

Ms. Aniz, 54, soon became extremely unpopular with the Bolivian people for a variety of reasons, from alleged human rights abuses to her opposition to Morales’s socialist movement, which remains Bolivia’s largest and perhaps largest party. Significantly, he managed with the Corona virus epidemic and subsequent economic disruption.

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