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There will be a new narrative presented by Beijing – which rejects the British view of their relationship with the city. It is explicitly taught to Hong Kong high school students Through at least four new textbooks to be published in the fall.

Textbook content is still being reviewed by administrators, teachers, scholars, and Hong Kong Education staff, but it appears to be for classrooms. Local news websites published drafts this week, and the Times viewed proven versions of teachers.

Excerpts from textbooks reinforce the Chinese Communist Party’s position on Hong Kong. The Proven Version The Teachers’ Version reads in one of the textbooks: “British aggression violated the principles of international law, so the occupation of the Hong Kong area should not have been legalized.

quotation: “This is a short story to say, ‘Hong Kong has always been part of China, so the Hong Kong people could never claim the right to self-determination,'” said one pro-democracy activist.

Wider effort: This is part of a wider campaign by China’s Supreme Leader Xi Jinping to rebuild Hong Kong schools.Protect young mindsAnd to cultivate loyal and patriotic citizens.

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