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Esteghlal new head coach elected;  European and young

Fararo: The story of the election of the new head coach of Esteghlal Club has become a tedious and somewhat worrying process for the fans of this club. While 48 hours after the team’s victory in the Premier League, Farhad Majidi chose his new team, Esteghlal has not yet introduced his successor.
According to Fararo, the non-selection of a new head coach has deprived the club of the opportunity to participate in transfers, and has caused dissatisfaction and a gathering of the club’s fans. In the meantime, Esteghlal reached an initial agreement with one or two options, but in the final seconds everything fell apart. The last option mentioned as approaching independence was Alex Nouri, an Iranian-German bi-national coach. However, as reported by Esteghlal Club, no agreement has been reached with Nouri due to the sabotage of several brokers.
Now the relatives of Esteghlal Club are announcing that the new head coach of this team has been selected, but since they are worried about the saboteurs sabotaging, they will not name him until the final agreement. The coach is said to be a European coach who has worked on three different continents. At a young age, he has a richer record than the Italian Andrea Stramaccioni. Esteghlal Club has stated that it will hold an introductory ceremony for this coach in 48 hours.

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