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According to “Varzesh Seh”, after a long absence, Omid Ebrahimi was present in the recent camp of the national team. Dragan Skucic decided to recruit this successful legionnaire in the Qatar League. He answered various questions in a conversation with the top football program.

Ebrahimi began his talk about rejoining the national team as follows:

It is both an honor and a joy for every player to be able to serve his country’s national team. I was not in the service of the national team for about a year, according to the head coach. I always tried to do my job as a player and now I am happy to be back in the national team and I try to do my best and help the national team.

* Comparing the technical conditions of the previous World Cup with the current one?
– The same players were present in the previous season, but the last season was their first experience. Players are in better shape now. For example, Sardar and Mehdi are in a better position in their teams.

* Iranian teammates?
In general, this is the World Cup. The excitement of this tournament is because people like to play against teams like England and America. Of course, Wales is also a good team, but the excitement of the other two games is more. The World Cup matches are always hard and difficult, and it cannot be said that we can have good conditions, but we will do our best to make it so. But the games are hard and have their own conditions and we try to have the best performance.

* Britain and America?
There is always concern about World Cup games. Both in terms of sensitivity and excitement. Of course, that stress is also good and makes you try harder. Every time we have been in a difficult and stressful situation, we have played a better game.

* Preparation process?
The difference between this period and the previous one is that we had a good preparation situation in the last World Cup. I like to tell the facts. I do not want to lie and praise Alki that the situation is a nightmare. The player in the national team of his country has his duty because he represents a people and many people like to play in the national team of their country. However, the player works hard and tries his best. Now, whether in the game or in practice. But there are some differences. In the previous period, we had a good preparation process and preparation games. We played at least 5, 6 games. Conditions in games are very different from training conditions.

* Friendly games?
We are in a special and sensitive situation now and we have a few months left until the World Cup, but we have not been able to hold a good preparation game. Algeria is a good team and it has quality players, but holding a game is not enough. We have to take a serious test before the World Cup. The Ministry of Sports and the Football Federation must do their best to have at least 2-3 good friendly matches before the World Cup. The World Cup is not a place for trial and error. There you have to do your best to be successful. People expect the national team, we accept that too, but it’s hard work. I hope the situation gets better.

* Too late for support?
I also say that speaking is not right and action is important. We were in the camp for 2 weeks and just practiced. It is difficult for the head coach to motivate the team without any goal. If you know you have 2 friendly games, you split your players to play in these games to test new players or the system. All this happens in the game and not in practice. This is difficult for both the coach and the players. Everyone always says we support the national team. Well, all the people support it. This support must be put into practice.

* Next season?
I signed a 2-year contract with Al-Wakrah last season. It was one of my best seasons and I was very happy with it. That I felt good in the team. We achieved the best result of the last 20 years in Al-Wakrah in the league and we finished third. We reached the semi-finals of the Amir Cup and even reached the final of the Ordo Cup. We also qualified for the Asian Champions League, but this change in calendar prevented us from attending next season. But overall our performance was very good and I was satisfied.

* Return to independence?
This is rumored news. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Even if someone speaks, the fact is that my situation here (Qatar) is good and I am satisfied.

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