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According to Varzesh Seh, Reza Darvish, CEO of Persepolis, spoke to field reporters on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of Seyed Jalal Hosseini Gymnasium, and while he did not want to talk, he commented on various issues:

* Attending the ceremony?
Mr. Seyed Jalal Hosseini is one of the hard workers of Persepolis Club and they also did a valuable job and today it is a hard work for someone to come and pay for sports. Congratulations to the physical education of Tehran province for the presence of such a person and also to the people of this region and the surrounding areas that a good and healthy manager who is a good manager will manage here.

* Development of Persepolis collections?
We have a development plan for Darfshifar Stadium, Anonymous Martyrs and Shahid Kazemi. The program must be executable and we are reviewing it.

* Agreement with Shahr Khodro?
God willing, an agreement was reached and we already had this agreement, and today, without knowing that the window was closed, we transferred this amount to their account.

* Meeting with Ramin Rezaian?
We did not discuss Ramin Rezaian and he has to decide for himself. Mr. Golmohammadi has not yet announced the list of players who will be leaving.

* Broker contract?
The fulfillment of promises is much less than fifty percent, and this is a legal task. With a good legal team, we include clauses that, if possible, will cover part of our costs.

* How much did they pay?
Ten billion, about 10 billion club catchers.

* Mr. Sadri’s defense of the contract?
it is normal. He defends when someone builds a building. It was a series of expenses that they should have paid but did not pay, and something like 10-15 billion for the club has come.

* Hajjak Shahbazzadeh by Esteghlal?
Ask me another club question?

* Were in talks with you…
The player can choose where to go. He talks to us and finally chooses for himself.

* Fanaei and Rahimpour separation?
It has not been announced to us yet through the head coach and he should announce it.

* Club posted…
Yes, but the staff must tell us.

* Welsh?
We haven’t talked to him yet.

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