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According to “Varzesh Seh”, it was last night that Behzad Kaviani announced in the ball and tour program that the famous volleyball reporter, Javad Mohtashamian, has decided to resign from this job and the opportunity is available to the youth. On the same pretext, we talked to this veteran reporter and talked to him about this issue and, of course, the situation of volleyball in Iran.

Here you can read the details of Javad Mohtashamian’s conversations with the “Varzesh Seh” reporter.

* I have not reported a league match for three years except once
For about 3 years now, I have not reported any of the matches of Iranian clubs, except for the match between Peykan and Ardakan, which took place last year. Because young people need to enter the field of reporting. We can not always be Maha. This is a fact that must be accepted. My feeling is that the only issue that humans can not deal with is age. I believe that young people should be given the opportunity to develop their abilities.

* I asked them to give us time to rest
In these three years, I have tried to take this step. As you can see, I did not report any matches in the Asian Club Cup. There was only this cooperation with the third channel of Sima, so I asked them to gradually give us a break so that we could sit and watch.

* We knew we would not get results in the Olympics
The future of the national team with an Iranian coach? We have to accept the facts. I have just raised the issue of age about myself. We knew that our team would not succeed in the Olympics. I have said many times that we must make this generational change. However, some officials wanted a number of players to have records and to be recorded in their records as having participated in two Olympic Games.

* We beat teams that were in the skinning era
The facts of the sport must be taken into account. If we are going to stay with a greenhouse team forever, the result will be what you see. If it were Mousavi, X and Eggerg, we would eventually win the Netherlands. What next? Was there a result? No. Because if we beat teams in previous years, they are gone. We had to do it step by step.

Where were these women behind the line three years ago?
I ask you. You have three behind the female line; Ismail Nejad, Kazemi and Saadat. Which of these can you set aside and delete? I say none. Because each of them says we exist. But the question is. Where have they been since three years ago?

* Why did you oppress some players?
You come and argue based on statistics, not theory. Statistics show that Amin Ismailnejad is 25 years old. This gentleman has not reached this capacity since last year. He has been before, but why did you oppress him? Why didn’t you bring him three years ago? When I say a group decides, that’s the result.

* When you are not one of the main characters, you slowly leave the job
For example, you put yourself in the place of the youngest player, Berdia Saadat. When you are not one of the 14 main people, you slowly distance yourself. There are other people behind them. What do they think? They say, well, our lives were ruined.

* This condition hurts in the long run
True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. I say not all teams that are Brazil, America and France. Yes, there are teams like the Netherlands, Australia, China and.. Instead of coming to one player in the previous years and finishing the whole league with that player, we should have used two other players. Either he answered or he did not answer. If he answered, the staff would have won. If he did not answer, the staff would still win because he said that I had taken my risk and now I am going to someone else.

* We have to discuss the past of this team
We are not going to discuss this team. Let’s talk about the past that made this team. We had to make these changes before the Olympics because we knew what the situation was like. Because we said that we have made changes for the future of volleyball that must be repaid.

* Why didn’t you play like Wadi?
Mr. Wadi is 33 years old, or Reza Abedini, who is also of similar age. Where have they been so far? Why didn’t you give them a field? They will finally play for another 2 years. We should have given these players a chance 8 or 10 years ago so that at least this current vacuum would not show itself. We came to break all the jars on other issues.

* Tell people the facts
They say they are young and 5 people have entered the ground for the first time. Dad, sit down! When I shouted and said do not do this, you were standing behind them and now you are standing in a different way. Tell people the facts. Give statistics. The statistics are documented and anyone can see it.

* You should have given others a chance
I said, “Where were you when Mr. Kolakovi یا or Kovac was just waiting for a stretcher to take the player off the pitch?” I do not mean that they should not have been, no, they were to the extent that they deserved and should have been. But you also have to give others a chance. this is important. So we missed those opportunities and now we say they are young. Yes, I know they are young too, but why didn’t you play the one who had the right 5 years ago?

* Our problem is that it is not a volleyball federation
He was a passerby who played for the Capital Bank team. Go get the papers of the tournament secretary. I say based on that. He was a Polish player in this reserve team. But he was selected for the national team. Why? Because there was a reservation. I say at least you gave a young man the opportunity to play and say I exist. So our problem is that our volleyball federation is not volleyball.

* They did nothing but hit volleyball
They did nothing but hit volleyball. This year, too, they did not have the money to bring in a foreign coach. Behrooz Atai are moving according to what they have. Do not discuss Iranian or foreign coaches at all. You go now and bring the best mechanics of Benz and BMW here and tell them to fix this Peugeot; Can it make this Peugeot act like Benz and BMW?
We have to see if we have the right and coordinated tools of the day to criticize an Iranian or foreign coach; This is important to us.

* Please do not compare Japan with us
You look at Japan. They are moving forward step by step. They should not be compared to us because we have the right tools in every post. We have at least 10 people in each post. Does Japan have this feature? If Japan kept Shimizu for 10 years, it was because it did not have another player to replace him. Even now, if they use Nishida, it is because they have no other choice and they just have to be paralyzed to be replaced by another player.

* These young people are not my cousin or cousin
It was during the time of Mr. Kolakovi یا or Kovac that I said on the live antenna that the player must go on the stretcher to change. Why did I say this because we have the necessary tools and it is a pity. These buds are not my cousin or cousin. I see that they are thirsty to go to earth and there is an opportunity to give them. Of course, this generational change is inevitable and we have to pay for it, but we should not blame the loss on the Netherlands and other things on a certain person. We caused these things and we should not let the work get here and unfortunately we do not have it in a sports federation and if we bring it and see that it is a problem, what are we afraid of not bringing another person. When we say that this country has a population of 85 million, was there only one person who lived inside it for 30 years?

* Do not blame the problems on one person.
We must solve these problems at the root and not blame them on the Iranian coach. It’s a routine to give youngsters a chance, and that’s what exercise requires. You may name the fighter in the Brazilian national team. They do not have another player; Why? Because the young people there are so exemplary of their footballers that they no longer pursue volleyball and go and get results. He goes to European clubs and gets millions of dollars. It takes years to create a fighter, but they do not.

* We have very talented young people in any sport
We have so many good young people that we succeed even if every new sport comes along. You look at, for example, the same liver sport that India invented, but we became champions in both the men’s and women’s divisions. We have a lot of people. We really have talented people in every field, but it’s important to employ them.

* Why only the names of these five people are mentioned
You think you were one of the best passers in Iran. If you were saving a global passer, you would have the opportunity to land for even a second. So see the bug is from somewhere else and they burn your opportunities. What does it mean to constantly mention the names of five previous players? Do you not remember Mr. Kolakovi دوران’s time? We started with 8 people from the first day and continued with them until the last day, but other teams constantly used the rotation and made the World League a prelude to the Olympics. Then Argentina will come and finish third in the Olympics, while our dream was to go to the knockout round, which happened to be available. I document this by saying that we could have easily achieved this dream.

* Where did you meet Saber Kazemi or Amin Ismailnejad?
I have a question for you now. Turn a former female national team back line Are you ready to leave out Saber Kazemi, Amin Ismailnejad or Berdia Saadat and use her? How did you meet Saber Kazemi? What about Ismail Nejad? The reason was that you gave them a chance. The same businessman Michael was one of the best, but they burned this child so much that he ran out and died, and now he is so old that he can not do anything. So there were many people who deserved to go to the national team. I am not saying that those who were present were bad. I say they should have been given a chance, but they did not.

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