Colombia will soon have its first black female deputy. Will he be?

We have to recognize that Colombia is a Machiavellian country and who gives us this opportunity? Dr. Castillo told the New York Times. “Now we have to give other women a chance.”

One of the most common criticisms of Dr. Castillo is that he has no experience in government positions and serves as one of the oldest presidents in Colombian history as the second president. If elected, the 77-year-old will be serving a four-year term.

He and Dr. Castillo could not be more different as they fight for power.

Mr Hernandez is impudent, informal and unpredictable, and has made such insulting remarks that he was recently picked up by a local news agency. A digital catalog Tagged “Look how Rodolfo Hernandez has bothered you.”

Dr. Castillo is weighed against his speeches and rarely strays from the party line. She has since defended Mr Hernandez against charges of misogyny He told an interviewer “Ideally, women should dedicate themselves to raising children.”

But inside, there were disagreements.

In an effort to distance himself from the now-popularly conservative government, Mr Hernandez recently released. A set of progressive policy positionsIncluding saying that his government will support women’s right to abortion.

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