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Mehri Ranjbar: Tina Akhondtbar no longer needs to be introduced; she is a cinematic figure in Iran and, of course, more of a sports figure these days. He loves boxing and it is this discipline that makes him feel good. Akhundtbar has had many conversations over the years, but all our efforts have been to have a different dialogue this time:

Now cinema has not given me good sportsmanship

Well, it’s a question for many people whether I am an athlete or an actor, I have to say every pair. An actor who is my job but sport makes me feel good. I exercise to go in front of the camera with more confidence. I play the movie well. I try my best to use sports to have something to say in the cinema.

I have not mentioned cinema

I’m still in the cinema and working. I think cinema is a medium. A medium where you can teach a lot of talent, words, personality and what you have learned in your personal life. Personal experience can be a flip. It is important to teach something to another.

Why boxing? I love it

Boxing calms me down. I love it. I drain myself in this sport. I do not know why everyone here thinks that boxing is a male sport, but I love boxing. Let’s not make this sport gendered anymore. I am here and maybe For me, a teenage girl should come to boxing, grow up and be proud of Iran in the years to come.

Tina Akhondtbar: My child of Islamshahr, not a rich child!

My face was my capital, but…

Well, my face was my capital and I could easily make money from it without compliments, but now I see that I am not just this face. With boxing, I found better things in myself that I will definitely be more beautiful if I reach them. I had many fractures and injuries. But boxing introduced me to new things in life.

Does cinema only want a beautiful person?

You ask that if something happens to me in boxing, I should shake the cinema? No! Why are you saying this? Does the cinema only need beautiful people with beautiful faces? Our cinema now needs a strong person rather than a good actor. . Face in cinema is necessary but not enough. For acting, I had a face, but if that alone was enough, I would have had enough. The look was not enough for me.

I went to university because my family wanted me to be a student!

I studied accounting. I went to university because my family wanted me to go to university. I went to accounting but I did not get anything. I mean, I did it but I did not enjoy it.

Tina Akhondtbar: My child of Islamshahr, not a rich child!

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Children of Islamshahr, not rich children!

I am not a rich child. My family still lives in Islamshahr. I also read that they wrote these things. We do not have. I am not a rich child, but we have always had a good life.

Everything I made in the cinema was spent!

I spent 10 years working in cinema and it was over. I do not care how much money I lost. When I started boxing, I had no options. I practiced in the park with my first teacher, but I had to set up a training club that cost money. I had no boxing lobby at all, I sold my house and car and went to another country to train, and with what I had I pursued my goal. I never used related people and lobbies. The same goes for cinema.

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There is a lobby both in boxing and in the cinema. Can it not be? The Mafia is using its power, but I have never worked with these people to put my foot on anyone and climb. I made everything I have myself. It is said that in the field of cinema, the offer is shameless and common. I want to say that it is everywhere. For example, not in the field of aviation? Everyone says that guests do this and that. Nurses are said to have a relationship with doctors. It’s up to you what kind of person you want to live. A person who is willing to do anything to achieve a goal will not achieve it in the end. When you learn that there is something else in existence that is more valuable than your body, you will not give in to anything. Unless you love yourself.

Tina Akhondtbar: My child of Islamshahr, not a rich child!

I want a world belt

My goal is to reach the world belt in boxing, provided that I continue to work as I am motivated now. I do not see myself as 34 years old. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, boxing is not a physical sport at all. More than 50% of it is mental and maybe 40% of it is related to the body and endurance. It’s kind of like chess. That’s why I like boxing, which gives me the power of strategy.

I would like to start women’s boxing

I like to start women’s boxing. I mean, no one has stopped me yet. For me, the championship belt I train for is more valuable than Olympic gold. But the Olympics are also valuable to me, maybe if I had the experience of competing in the Olympics, I would have had more experience than my previous opponent. But I never said I wish I was going to the Olympics. The first match I gave was a professional boxing match. I experienced pleasure there. That’s why the belt is more valuable to me, but what better if the fight in the Olympics is over.

I do not like MMA; It is a street fight

I do not like MMA because you have more weapons and these competitions are like street fights. But boxing is a fight, not a fight. Is a game. I like this “mind game” and physically push myself to the top of the world. But I love this match between two people in two different worlds, each of whom has made himself a hero, rather than a fight.

Tina Akhondtbar: My child of Islamshahr, not a rich child!

The struggle that was canceled in Turkey

I canceled my fight. In fact, we did not reach a financial agreement with the organizing organization. There are times when a big organization offers to fight a big boxer and there you can sign a financial contract, but when you have your own rating, then you can also bargain financially. I also asked for money for my struggle, but the organization said that its sponsor did not have much capital and could not pay, and I refused to leave. However, some boxers and even my coach fight without money. But I have waited so far and I hope God will open a bigger door for us. I’m like a lion in the woods at the moment of a good hunting break to go one step higher.

My ribs broke in training!

The fact is that my ribs are broken in practice. You get hurt when you box. You can not ride a bike and not ride. I took a picture of my ribs, the doctor said he was injured and now you have to rest for a week or two, but I close the taekwondo hugo to make the impact worse and do light fighting exercises. Of course, it’s better now, and I can practice like before for another three or four days without Hugo. I will continue as long as I can. All my efforts are to achieve what I want. Of course, there is nothing wrong with not reaching it, because during this time I have learned great lessons that will be a strong background for me to continue living, now I know I will do whatever I want. Rewards are not very important, lessons are important. The power that comes to the card in life and at any age.

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