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It looks like we will soon see the return of 29-year-old Chelsea striker Romulo Lukaku to Inter.

It was a year ago that Chelsea paid 115 million euros to Inter to buy Romulo Lukaku and hoped to insure their attack for a few seasons. But things did not go as expected and Romulo Lukaku watched most of the big matches from the bench until now on the verge of leaving Chelsea. The Telegraph reports that Inter have officially begun talks with Chelsea over the signing of Romulo Lukaku, and that the club’s management is hoping to reach an agreement on the transfer by the end of the week.

Nerazzurri executives entered into talks Monday with the club’s new owner, Todd Booley, and program manager Romulo Lukaku. Chelsea are considering a traditional loan deal (loan with a buy-out clause) or the exchange of Romulo Lukaku with an Inter player. Chelsea may sign Romulo Lukaku’s one-year loan deal with Inter and the Italian club will have to pay the amount they want next summer. Rumors of the player being swapped with stars such as Lautaro Martinez and Milan Eschriniar have also been heard.

Chelsea’s German coach Thomas Tukhl also agrees with the departure of Romulo Lukaku and his transfer to Inter, and thus intends to help Chelsea managers focus on the strikers they want to sign. Since Todd Booley took over the club, he has been convinced that it would be best for the club to allow Romulo Lukaku to leave Chelsea at this time.


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