Boris Johnson defends the British plan for electronic surveillance of refugees

Officials say those designated for surveillance will be labeled when they are released on bail and released from custody.

The possible tracking of people who have survived torture or other government abuses has angered some refugee advocates in particular.

Sue Wilman, a human rights lawyer and chair of the Human Rights Committee at The. Legal Association, a British legal group. “The person is effectively monitored 24/7 – while on the toilet, while in bed.”

He called the move “completely disproportionate” in terms of losses, citing recent government figures showing that “only 1% of those released on bail are actually fleeing.”

The prime minister said Saturday that he was confident his government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda was legal despite a European Court ruling, which Mr Johnson described as a “strange last-minute hiccup”. British Home Secretary Pretty Patel accused the court of being politically motivated.

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