Billions of dollars are laundered annually in British Columbia – UA News

The report said the province should set up an anti-money laundering commission, a money laundering investigation unit and intelligence police to investigate this “destructive form of crime”.

“Money laundering fundamentally destabilizes the society and the economy that we all want for the province,” said Austin, the commission’s chairman and a former member of the commission. A British Columbia Supreme Court judge told reporters Wednesday. Sophisticated money laundering has used British Columbia as a clearing house or terminal for money laundering a staggering amount of dirty money.

The provincial government announced the investigation in May 2019 after a series of government-sponsored reports showed that the commission was laying out “extraordinary” money laundering in real estate, casinos, equestrian competitions and luxury cars, some of which were committed through illicit drugs. Has been strengthened, he announced. Business

Books, podcasts and news reports sounded the alarm across the country, accusing gangs in China of importing fentanyl to the western province and then laundering the proceeds through expensive casinos and real estate, further raising prices. Housing in a city that was previously thought to help. The most expensive housing in the country

One 2019 Report The province estimates that up to C $ 5.3 billion was laundered last year through real estate investments in British Columbia, which pushed up housing prices by 7.5 per cent because they were bought with crime proceeds. اند. Launder that money – or legalize it.

The commission, chaired by Mr. Cullen, a credible judge, has been nationwide, with nearly 200 witnesses, including the former prime minister and secretary of state, accused of ignoring money laundering warnings. Casinos were shut down for similar political reasons because they offered large sums of money to the government, and police officers claimed that their investigations into illegal gambling were closed.

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