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Barcelona’s recent decision to sell a percentage of its television broadcasting rights and license to use the club’s brand could provide the necessary funding to extend Osman Dembele’s contract.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Barcelona was recently disappointed with the extension of Osman Dembele’s contract, but his recent words that he is comfortable at Barça and does not intend to leave; It greatly increased the Catalan club’s hopes. The only problem Barça is currently facing is not having enough funds to maintain Dembele. This problem also seems to have been solved thanks to Barça’s recent initiatives.

Of course, so far nothing special has happened in the Dembele case, although hopes have risen sharply. The managers of the Nou Camp now have the necessary financial resources and can enter into negotiations with the full hand to satisfy the French star. The club’s general assembly recently allowed management to sell 49.9 percent of the Barça brand license and 25 percent of the television broadcasting rights.

The financial resources now available to Barça will undoubtedly be used to further strengthen the team over the summer. It should be noted that Dembele’s contract with Barça expires on June 30 and the club has less than two weeks to maintain him.

Osman Dembele joined Barça in 2017 following Neymar’s departure, and the Catalans expected him to be a suitable replacement for the Brazilian star. Xavi, the new Barça manager, has told the management that Dembele plays an important role in his plans. It was then that the club’s management began to work more seriously to satisfy the French star.


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