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September 25, 1401 at 17:50

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Mikel Arteta, the young head coach of Arsenal, emphasized that his team’s work in the game with Brent Ford will not be easy.

Arteta: Arsenal will definitely have a difficult task

According to “Varezh Se”, Arsenal He had a great performance in the first five weeks and managed to achieve five consecutive victories. Of course, they faced each other a few days before and in the sixth week Manchester United Defeated and suffered the first defeat of the season. Mikel Arteta He attended the press conference before the match against Brent Ford and expressed his satisfaction that unlike other contenders, his team’s game was not canceled this week.

Mikel Arteta said: “Unfortunately, tomorrow will be the team’s last training session before the meeting with Brent Ford, and today I don’t have much to say about the conditions of the team and Arsenal players.” I think that if the conditions exist, it is better to hold the games and go to the field. We know how difficult it will be to beat Brentford this week and I think Thomas Frank has been fantastic on the bench for Brentford and his team have been brilliant.

Not inviting Ben White to the English national team? He has played both positions, sometimes he is selected and sometimes he is not. I think if you have a versatile player who can play at the level of Ben White, I think he should be called up. But in the end it’s Gareth Southgate’s decision and he has the final say.

Alan Smith Raw injury? He was involved in an ongoing problem. Alan Smith Rau recently felt some discomfort in the groin area and did not register this season. “We will try to help him in any way we can because we need Smith-Raw in the starting line-up.”


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