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The Revolutionary Guards announced the arrest of several media activists on Thursday, June 17th.

The military-security agency published the news on its Telegram channel, calling them the administrators of “semi-secret channels, secrets and shadow writers.”

The Revolutionary Guards accused the detainees of “disturbing the public mind and publishing classified documents” and wrote that “by publishing these documents, they will gain the trust of a part of the audience and create discord among the country’s officials by publishing selective and false news.”

Without providing details about the classified documents or revealing the names of the detainees, the Revolutionary Guards called them “the telegram black box.”

According to some reports, one of these people is named “Ali Gholhaki”.

Ali Gholhaki is known on social media as a “principled journalist” and a “valuable” user, and all of his media activities have been in support of the government.

Malik Shariati, Tehran’s representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, tweeted on Thursday, June 17th, thanking the Revolutionary Guards for their information and writing, and hoped that the names of these individuals, their activities, and their supporters would be released soon.

Ali Akbar Raefipoor, a figure close to the Iranian government, also welcomed the detainees, calling them “corrupt admins of paranoid channels.”

The Rajaniuz website also attacked the “semi-confidential news” channel in May this year, writing that “following the visit of the speaker’s family to Turkey, the channel tried to link the incident with those around the president, making the incident a point of confrontation between the parliament.” “And the government, or specifically the president and the carpet weaver.”

In recent years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been one of the countries with the largest number of imprisoned journalists and media activists.

Keyvan Samimi, Khosrow Sadeghi Boroujeni, and Alieh Motalebzadeh are some of the journalists currently serving their sentences in prison.

In Reporters Without Borders’ ranking of media freedom and access to free information in 2021, Iran was ranked 178th out of 180 countries.

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