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Then he turned to physical matters. He measured the weight-to-height ratio of all 4,304 stationed personnel and found that approximately 50 percent were overweight or obese.

Initially, he intended to personally advise each of the hundreds of obese officers and pass on what he had learned about health science while suffering from a liver disease.

He dropped the plan because of an epidemic, and instead took two of the heaviest officers under his wing, hoping that their weight-loss trips would inspire others. In a hierarchical force, where the lower echelons care about what is important to the boss, he thought that officers care about their weight because their leader cares about their weight.

So began the physical transformation of Johnny Watson, 34, an officer in Port Blair, the capital.

One recent evening, Mr. Watson was counting calories. Three pieces of fish, beans and some potatoes. Two chapatis instead of five with a tablespoon of pork. Black coffee instead of the sweet milk tea he drank for years.

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