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Chelsea’s Danish defender Andreas Christensen has officially left the club. He is said to be joining Barcelona.

Chelsea have announced the departure of Danish defender Andreas Christensen in a statement posted on the club’s website. He is the most important figure whose official separation has been announced by the club. It is said that Christensen will go to Barcelona.

The Chelsea club has announced the separation of four players. With the departure of Antonio Rudiger, who joined Real Madrid, Chelsea have lost five players so far. Christensen’s departure will allow the London Blues to seek a quality center-back.

A statement from Chelsea stated: “Christensen’s contract with the club expires this summer. This is the end of his ten years at Chelsea. Andreas is a member of our club’s academy who made it to the club’s first team and played 161 games for Chelsea. He won the FA Cup, the Europa League, the UEFA Super Cup, the Club World Cup and, most importantly, the Champions League. “He came on as a substitute in the Porto final last year and played a key role in our successful defensive performance against Manchester City.”

Chelsea also announced the departure of their English player Drinkwater in this statement. He, who now has three caps, left the club after five years at Chelsea. Drinkwater was a Leicester player before joining Chelsea and played a key role in the team’s amazing 2016 Premier League title. He joined Chelsea the following year, in 2017.


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