Ali Khamenei is ill; He is under the care of doctors — UE News

The “New York Times” newspaper quoted knowledgeable sources and wrote: Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic, was suffering from severe stomach pain and high fever last week and underwent surgery due to “intestinal obstruction”.

This newspaper quoted unnamed informed sources and wrote: “Khamenei is currently under the supervision of a team of doctors and has canceled all his plans and visits.”

None of the official and reliable sources inside the country have published news about the health status of the leader of the Islamic Republic during this period.

Last week, news was published that he had a meeting with a group of athletes, but no picture or text of this meeting was published in the media.

In the middle of September, the meeting of the members of the Assembly of Experts with the leader of the regime was not held, unlike every year.

Two days ago, Ali Khamenei’s official website announced in an announcement that, at the same time as Arbaeen, a mass mourning ceremony of student delegations will be held in the presence of the Leader of the Revolution on Saturday morning, 26 September. This announcement is still available on Khamenei.ir website.

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