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Algerian media reported on the different composition of the national team against Iran in tomorrow night’s match.

According to the report of “Varzesh Seh”, the national football teams of Iran and Algeria will play a friendly match tomorrow night at 22:30 Tehran time at the stadium of Al-Qatar Club in Doha.

Algeria, which has participated in various competitions in recent days with several different lineups, will play against the Iranian national team tomorrow night with a new lineup.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper quoted its sources as saying that Jamal Belmadi will play against Iran in a different combination from the previous two matches against Uganda and Tanzania in the qualifying round of the 2023 African Cup of Nations. Two matches that ended with the victory of the Algerians.

According to the information obtained, Belmadi intends to enter the field with new players. Anthony Manderia will be inside the team’s goal, Hakim Zaddak and Yannis Hamache will be Iran’s full-backs. Mohammad Amin Togai and Ahmad Tobeh will also play in the heart of the defense.

Belmadi will try to use three new players in the midfield. Adam Zarghan, Hisham Budawi and Abd al-Qahar Ghaderi are the three players who will play against Iran so that Ramiz Zarouqi and Ismail bin Nasser can rest.

Rashid Ghazal and Bilal Brahimi are expected to play as attacking wingers on both the right and left. On the offensive line, there are many options ahead. But Mohammad Al-Amin, the young Umrah, has a better chance of playing than Bilal Omrani and Riyadh Ibn Ayad.


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