A World Health Organization official says the outbreak of monkey pox is a “real threat” to public health

Dr. Klug called for immediate action by European countries to increase surveillance, diagnostic tests and genetic sequencing, and tracking contacts and sexual partners of infected people. He said the WHO has released emergency funding to boost laboratory capacity to detect monkey pox virus in countries that do not have it.

“Cloud vaccination is not recommended,” Dr. Klug echoed Dr. Tedros’s remarks on Tuesday, stressing that rich countries would repeat the mistakes of the Quid-19 epidemic and quickly monopolize limited vaccine stockpiles.

“The WHO is working with member states to develop an initiative that ensures fairer access, but, according to Dr. Klug,” we are currently seeing a rush in some sectors to buy and store these items, “Dr. Tadros said.

Dr. Tadrous said on Tuesday that the WHO is also working with experts to find another name for monkey pox and the disease it causes as soon as possible.

The current name is “misleading and stigmatizing,” said Christine Lindheimer, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization. Preliminary research points to the possibility of unknown human-to-human transmission for several years, but he said the name could encourage the misconception that people are not susceptible to infection unless through contact with Africa or related animals in Be exposed to it. .

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