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Manchester United fan Tyson Fury, a heavyweight boxer, called the players “Susol” and called Ronaldo’s presence to the detriment of the Red Devils.

According to “Sport 3”, Tyson Fury, the heavyweight boxer who is the WBC heavyweight champion, is one of the famous fans of Manchester United. Fury blames United players for the club’s poor results last season. He sharply criticized the players, calling them “Susol” and believes that the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo was not only in favor of United but also had a negative impact.

Fury says United’s plight is not the fault of the club’s management, but the Red Devils need a powerful figure like Sir Alex Ferguson to send players on the pitch like a warrior, not like a cuddly army.

The heavyweight United boxer says he will no longer go to Old Trafford to watch the games because his favorite team has lost every time he stepped into the club’s historic stadium last season. “Some of them think they have a divine right and should always be on the pitch,” he said, criticizing United players.

Tyson Fury; WBC World Heavyweight Boxer

“I had more time to go to Old Trafford when I retired, but to be honest, the team lost every time I went,” Tyson Fury told the Mirror. I am a person who only accepts victory and loss has no meaning in my dictionary at all. That’s why United are going crazy. “The players do not follow the ball for 90 minutes at all.”

“Many blame the management of the club and the coaches, but the problem for United is that a handful of players are playing in the team who are complacent,” said the United weightlifter. The team must be settled. “They want someone like Sir Alex who can easily sit on the bench or leave them if they do not listen.”


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