4 ISIS members were killed in Pakistan — UA News

4 ISIS members were killed in Pakistan

According to IRNA report on Saturday, Pakistani media quoted officials of the National Counter-Terrorism Unit in “Khyber” located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a group of Daesh who intended to carry out sabotage activities was identified near the border with Afghanistan and during a clash, 4 terrorists were killed. They perished.
This operation was carried out at the same time as the terrorist attack on the police in Peshawar, during which at least two security forces were injured.
The ISIS terrorist group, which has been involved in numerous attacks on security forces and civilians, including Pakistani Shiites, in recent years also claimed responsibility for the deadly suicide attack on Imamiya Mosque in Peshawar in the middle of March last year. At least one hundred worshipers were martyred in this terrorist operation.
At the end of January 1400, “Aslam Farooqi”, the leader of the Pakistani terrorist group ISIS Khorasan branch, was killed in northern Afghanistan.

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